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  • Does your media planner understand your brand as well as you do?
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Created in 1991 out of the department of media planning at Demner, Merlicek & Bergman, understanding of brands was with us since the cradle – it’s part of our DNA.  And that’s why everything at Media 1 starts with your brand and not just your budget. In the end, the brand is the corner stone of every successful communication.

In order to successfully define and reach target groups and furthermore effectively and efficiently use media channels, one must truly understand brand strategy. It is exactly this kind of brand understanding that makes Media 1 stand out against other agencies. This is why we start working in collaboration with creative agencies throughout the planning phase and not just when the entire campaign is ready. Our success lies in seamlessly combining brand positioning, brand management and creation with media planning.

All this with a well established team that has been playing together for years, tending to each client with years of experience and extensive personal attention.


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