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Media 1, together with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, are excited to have won gold in the category ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best Integrated Campaign’, and silver in the category ‘Best Digital Campaign’ at this year’s 16th webAD for the clients XXXLutz and the campaign ‘Election 2017’. The work itself is ‘a successful ecosystem of topicality, use of budget, strategic finesse, widespread impact and interaction. Simply XXXL’, the jury stated.
Furthermore, Media 1 is pleased to have won bronze in the categories ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ and ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ for the clients ‘Haus der Barmherzigkeit’, jointly with Wien Nord and Goldkinder.
Together with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, the agency won bronze for client ‘Vöslauer’ for ‘Laufomat’ in the category ‘Contents & Games’.

Wahl 2017 XXXLutz

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Medianet 09/21/2018

... a truly comprehensive study on moving picture behavior of 14-29 year old Austrians. Throughout the next few weeks and months we will present you with the a multi part series, which introduces the most important insights in a brief and precise manner.

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The reason behind Media 1’s exponential growth over the last years, why there will be plenty of opportunities on the market in years to come and why Inez Czerny is thrilled to be our new Agency Head… all this and more in our interview with Medianet.

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With 33 content snipets especially developed by CCK for Vienna’s most popular beer brand, Media 1 and RMS Austria jointly created an innovative radio campaign, that not only considers listening location and time of day of its listener, but furthermore includes the weather and of course the latest program of the Ottakringer Braukulturwochen (Brewery Culture Weeks).

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Joachim Krügel, Managing Director Media 1, about the bright future of outdoor advertising in a guest commentary for the magazine ‘OOH!’

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Media 1 is proud to have won the golden Media Award twice. One in the category „Excellent Media Strategy“ for the campaign „XXXLutz Election Campaign 2017“ and one in the category „Audience Award 2017“ for the campaign „Vöslauer Laufomat“. This campaign additionally has won bronze in the category „Creative Media Idea“.

Publimuspreis Gold Voeslauer

XXXLutz Gold MediaAward

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Media 1 wins four trophies at this years‘ Out of Home Awards


Media 1 is the happy winner of a golden award in the category „Most Creative Rolling Board“ for the client „Care“, together with creative agency Wien Nord. Additionally, exactly this „team“ has won a silver trophy in the category „Most Creative Billboard“ for Care. For our client Vöslauer we have won a silver award in „Digital Media“ with our sister agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and again this „team“ has also won bronze in „Most creative City Light“ for Vöslauer.

RB gold Care Armut

RLB gold Care

PL silber Care Hunger

Plakat silber Care

Digital silber Voeslauer balance

digital silber Vslauer

CL bronze Vslauer Maria hilf

CL bronze Vslauer

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According to the newest report of RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) Media 1 notes the third highest new business revenue in 2017 and the second highest growth of the client portfolio of all media agencies in Austria.


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This year the bronze IAA Effie Award 2017 goes to Media 1, which received this prestigious award together with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann for the client Vöslauer and the 'Glasflaschenkampagne'.

Effie 2017

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According to a study of iab Austria Media 1 is one of the best media agencies in the digital field. Compared to 15 other agencies Media 1 is ranked number 4, though merely 0,02 points away from third place. The study evaluated the following factors: accessibility, advisory skills, celerity, openess in communication, reporting, research, know-how, briefing quality, innovativity, trustworthiness, creativity, compliance with iab standards, partnership, efficiency and price-performance ratio.

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Leadersnet 10/15/2017

Joachim Krügel, CEO Media 1, talking about the columns of media planning, the future of the business and why it is a good thing that Media 1 now seems to be the much quoted village of indomitable Gauls of the Austrian agency landscape:

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The ORF awarded television and radio commercials as well as online ads at this years ORF awards, decided by a top-class jury.  Media 1 is happy to have won prizes in three categories, each together with its sister creative agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann: A bronze "Top Spot" (category: television) for the client Darbo, a silver "Werbehahn" (category: radio) for the client Mömax and a bronze "Werbehahn" (category: radio) for the client Actual.



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Joachim Krügel illustrates why the webAD is so important

Horizont 07/17/2017

The CEO of Media 1 is this years president of the webAD media-jury and states, that the awards of this prestigious prize must help to differentiate a trend from a hype. See his article in the Austrian magazine Update:

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Media 1 has won the golden award in the category "special prize of the main jury" at this years Media Awards for the client Julius Meinl with the campaign "President". This prize is awarded by the main jury as a single prize for a specially worthwhile campaign case. Julius Meinl has sent its candidate "President" (which is the name of the coffee brand) into the presidential election in Austria with a humorous staging.


Prsident Meinl

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Media 1 wins Gold and Bronze at the Out of Home Awards


Media 1 is proud to have won a golden award for the client Julius Meinl in the category "most creative poster" and a bronze award for the client Stiegl in the category "most creative megaboard" together with our sister agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.

Prsident Meinl

PlakatGoldMeinl 33126 DE

P MBPT Votivkirche Stiegl6 JEDA

Megaboard Bronze Stiegl 33126 DE

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This year the golden IAA Effie Award 2016 goes to Media 1, which received this prestigious award together with Wien Nord for the client CARE.


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Media 1, in collaboration with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, is pleased to announce winning this year’s Rolling Board Creative Trophy. Together they scored first place for client Vöslauer with the motive ‘The Vöslauer Blubberboard’.

Gewinnersujets 28203 DE


Gewista Rollingboard Creative Trophy

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Online advertising at its finest. At this year’s iab webAD, 43 of the 201 entries have received awards. Media 1, together with Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, is thrilled to have won gold in the category ‘best integrated campaign’ for client Julius Meinl.



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a3 Marketing 09/29/2016

Brand Magnetism from Media 1 and Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann combines brand-, advertising- and media strategy into an overall view.
Read more:

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Media 1 is thrilled to announce winning the golden ‘Advertising Rooster’ 2016 in cooperation with creative agency Wien Nord for client Bellaflora. The award ceremony for the ORF awards take place as part of the ORF program presentation.
With the radio spot ‘Species Survival’ for client Club Noah’s Ark, Media 1 won the silver ‘Advertising Rooster’ 2016.


Client: Bellaflora garden center
Spot: Flower Power
Creative Agency: Wien Nord
Media Agency: Media 1
Production: Marx Tonkombinat

Client: Club Noah’s Ark
Spot: Species Survival
Creative Agency: Wien Nord
Media Agency: Media 1
Production: Marx Tonkombinat


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As a first mover in HbbTV standards, ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 and Media 1 implemented a yet unrivalled campaign for the Austrian market. For the beverage manufacturer Vöslauer the TV viewer received his own, personalized yoga training directly to his TV screen – simply by pressing the Red Button on his remote control. Hence, becoming a professional yogi in the comfort of one’s very own living room under the guidance of expert Viktoria Ecker became even easier.

The ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4-Group ‘First Mover of Red Button content’, together with Media 1 client Vöslauer, started one the so far largest HbbTV advertising campaign in April 2016.
The current spectrum of advertising- and interaction possibilities of trendsetting hybrid television technology was fully exploited. The use of pre-rolls, content ads and integration of the launch bar within the app, as well as the interactive Red button in the commercial itself, brought attention to the HbbTV appearance of Vöslauer. The microsite received a very simple and user-friendly video menu, in which – matching the latest Vöslauer TV spot – seven different yoga tutorials with yoga instructor Viktoria Ecker were available. As a result, beginners as well as yoga experts could participate directly from their big TV screens at home in exercises such as ‘mobilize’, ‘arm balance’ or ‘back bend’, with the guidance of the yoga-expert.


Birgit Aichinger, Head of Marketing and Sales Inland: ‘Above all, being the industry leader means, being innovative – not only in terms of products, but also in the mix of communications. Integrated campaign means to tread new paths as well and to use the latest digital opportunities. We are beyond thrilled and very proud of the success of our HbbTV advertising campaign!’


Joachim Krügel, Media 1: ‘Without having to change the screen to see and instantly do yoga tutorials on the Vöslauer microsite. Even though the technical reach of HBB TV was not too broad for this campaign, the success for the brand was grand.’


Michael Stix, Executive Board ProSiebenSat.1 PULS4: ‘With this HBB TV campaign, we managed to reach and mobilize our viewers in a very special way, right in the comfort of their own home. Ultimately, when both the client is satisfied, as well as the viewers at home had good experiences, then our work has been done properly, we are thrilled.’


ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 and Vöslauer campaign keeps users for up to 30 minutes.
The results of the evaluation speak for themselves: The Red Button campaign was accessible on approximately 750,000 HBB TV devices, that represents a net coverage of nearly 70% of all Hbb TV enabled households in Austria. In total, over 1,4 million people have been reached with this Vöslauer campaign. Within a 41-day period (period: March 04 – April 13, 2016), the campaign content was followed on approximately 120,000 devices, rated with the average headcount (about 1,9), which sit in front of it, results in a total of about 228,000 people with a maximum measured length of time of up to 30 minutes on the Vöslauer microsite.

Red Button – Hbb TV with the red button
Hbb TV builds upon existing broadcast standards and internet technologies. Through the so-called ‘Red Button’ on the remote control, Hbb TV apps can be opened directly on the TV screen. One navigates simply via the existing TV remote control, or the set top box. In addition to normal TV reception, numerous new services such as media libraries, games and EPGs can be accessed. The Red Button function can furthermore be combined with classic TV commercials, which link directly onto the product world of the client’s microsite. ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 exclusively offers Red Button campaigns throughout Austria for advertisers.


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For the 16th time, the Out of Home Award was awarded for outstanding creative achievements within the Austrian advertising industry. A creative jury, consisting of representatives of the 25 most creative agencies, reviewed and judged the over 3,100 different motives in eight categories.

Wien Nord, together with Media 1 scored one of the highly sought-after awards – We sincerely congratulate Bellaflora!

Auftraggeber:  bellaflora Gartencenter GmbH
Alois Wichtl, Birgit Gusenleitner

Kreativagentur: Wien Nord Werbeagentur GmbH
Edmund Hochleitner, Mag. Eduard Böhler, Mag. Markus Mazuran, Peter Kaimer, Georg Rernböck, Philip Krautsack

Mediaagentur: Media 1
Verena Tauzimsky, Mag. Joachim Krügel, Michaela Haydegg



Bellaflora Preis

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Last week the Pope was in the news with it, this week Media 1 follows.

Joachim Krügel, Managing Director: "Taking into account that visual language plays a more and more important role in communications and given that we are dealing with this every day, we want to show clients and partners our view on topics concerning communication in a whole new way. From now on, with the pictures on our Instagram account we show Media 1 from a new angle.

Follow us:

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What teams like Barca and Bayern can't manage in the Champions League, Media 1 can manage in the Gaudi Cup. Title defended! Outstanding performances of Media 1 at the Gaudi Cup of television marketer ProSieben Sat.1 Puls 4 in deverse and challenging disciplines like scavenger hunt, preparation of a gourmet desert and the finishing casino night won Media 1 the second title in a row. Team head Christoph Auböck was well aware, that the lead after two of the three challenges could be put to a tough test in the casino. Hence he didn't rely on the fortune of the brave. 'Being Head of Research of a media agency it goes without saying that I developed a foolproof roulette-system, to eventually win this battle of wits. Gosh, this team was dedicated lock, stock and barrel.'



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... for the Jewish Film Festival in Vienna, together with creative agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann in the category services.

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Medianet 10/30/2015

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Yesterday, the best ads broadcasted on ORF channels have been awarded. Media 1 is proud to have won the golden "Werbehahn" for best radio spot for XXXLutz together with creative agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and the award for best social ad for client CARE together with creative agency Wien Nord.

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Horizont 07/24/2015

Media 1 proudly announces to have won AMA (Austrian Paying Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development) as a new client, together with creative agency Wien Nord. Michael Blass, CEO AMA, states in this interview that strategic and operational teamwork between creative and media agency was crucial to win the tender.


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Since 2004 the Media Awards honor media agencies, advertisers and advertising agencies for extraordinary media services. The form of the three-sided pyramid reflects the contribution of all three partners involved in this process. The Media Awards clearly highlight the qualitative performance of media agencies, which are at a very high level in Austria.

The categories are creative media idea, excellent media strategy, as well as a special prize for 2015: young media strategy.

Media 1 was nominated for creative media idea with the ‘Red Noses Clown Doctors’, and for young media strategy with the ‘Funbox’ for Volksbank.

Rote Nasen

VB Spaßbox


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Gewista’s Out of Home Awards 2014 for the most creative out of home creations were awarded as part of a celebratory award ceremony in the Novomatic Forum on May 5th.

For the 15th time the awards for outstanding creative achievements within the Austrian advertising industry were awarded.

The solemn awarding of the most creative motives in the categories poster, city light, rolling board, culture, transport media and mega board, innovative & ambient media and – for the first time – digital media took place during the ‘Night of Winners’ in the Novomatic Forum.


Media 1 wins gold in the category most creative mega board 2014


Most creative mega board: GOLD

Water 2014 ‘KEIRA’
Client: Vöslauer Mineralwater
Dr. Alfred Hudler, Mag. Birgit Aichinger, Mag. Yvonne Haider

Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Dr. Harry Bergmann, Franz Merlicek, Roman Steiner, Arno Reisenbüchler

Media agency: Media 1
Joachim Krügel, Daniela Buzek

1MegaboardVslauer 21039 DE

MegaboardGold 21039 DE

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The measurability of communication services is becoming increasingly important for companies, while provability remains difficult in numerous areas. In PR, one can merely depend on the ad rates of print media. It’s also rather common to measure the performance of communication primarily on the number of published clippings, rather than on the quality.

Media 1 did not want to settle for that. Therefor they created a state-of-the-art tool that allows allegorizing the output of print articles by their relevance. This new tool combines the basic principle of classical advertising value calculation with an extended qualitative-based analysis. The impetus came from a project for a client of the sister agency DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN, for which an extensive press event was implemented.

Joachim Krügel, Agency Management Media 1: ‘We wanted to show the client the published media reports from newspapers and magazines in regards to the incremental value for the brand Meinl, instead of focusing on the achieved advertising value as usual. Furthermore, it was important to us to develop a user-friendly, simple tool that can present an unambiguous and precise result.’

Created and developed by Media 1, “PRoofer” incorporates parameters such as target group affinity, image placement, product and brand mentioning in headline, text and captions, as well as the relevance of said article for the brand or the product. The calculated PR-value is also expedient in an overall consideration of all communication services of a brand.  

Mag. Christoph Auböck, Head of Strategic Research & Insights Media 1: ‘ The basis for calculating the PR-value consists of various studies on the topics impact of attention and advertising. The parameters in need of evaluation, as for example the target group affinity, were deposited with weighting factors and, simply put, identify together with the advertising rate a significant PR-value.’

An adequate tool for the representation of PR performance in online-media is already in the works.


150413 PRoofer JL VT CA

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It’s not just YOU&METRO, but starting now it’s also Media1&METRO, 03/25/2015

Joachim Krügel, Agency Management Media 1: ‘It doesn’t happen every day that the chemistry is this great from the get go. But that’s exactly what happened between ‘METRO Cash and Carry Austria’ and Media 1 and the further collaborations lead to great results as well.’

These results are something to be proud of: End of February the latest METRO campaign started throughout Austria. So, for the first time there is a broad communication for all 12 METRO markets throughout the country.

The campaign consists of motives of the image campaign ‘YOU&METRO’, which has already attained international popularity. Through complementary motives with special offers, sales in METRO wholesale markets are specifically boosted.

Media 1 in collaboration with METRO has developed an elaborate campaign architecture that highlights the brand essence of METRO perfectly. Furthermore the campaign enables a highly efficient targeting of its clientele with a well-defined catchment area around the respective METRO wholesale stores. Joachim Krügel is certain that this year’s campaign will result in a great upturn for METRO in Austria.

Mag. Maria Laubreiten, Department Manager and Dr. Jörg Biefeld, Divisional Director at METRO: ‘During our first meeting Media 1 managed to convince us with their ideas. The impression of professionalism, speed and brand awareness was completely confirmed throughout the rather demanding planning process. We are thrilled to bring the METRO brand closer to people throughout Austria with this campaign and hope that many Austrians will say in the future: ‘ME&METRO’


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For the first time ever, ProSiebenSat.1 PULS4 organized the 2014/2015 Gaudi Cup. Over three days of competition, participating agencies had to demonstrate their athletic ability to aim, combination skills and knowledge.
Ultimately, Media 1 could assert itself in the overall ranking and claim victory of this year’s Gaudi Cup.

Apart from all contestants having a blast, we as Media 1 have proven that we are not just an excellent media agency, but that we also lead in curling, are wickedly great scavenger hunters and all around well educated individuals.


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Interested in learning more about brand magnetism ©? Find more detailed information here.

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Medianet ranking week 2014

For the 13th time medianet published a comprehensive overview of the domestic agency scene.
Media 1 scored second place with the question: ‘In your opinion, who is the best media agency in Austria?’


Third place for the question: ‘Which media agency can best meet the growing challenges in this digitalized, globalized world of media?’

We are thrilled with these top results and the trust that has been placed in us and our work. We want to continue on this successful path in 2015.

Using CAWI ( as market research partner), medianet newsletter subscribers were surveyed in the period from October 8th 2014 – October 28th 2014.


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Medianet 12/12/2014

Media 1 positioning itself publicly even clearer as a brand media agency and makes the brand the center of anything it does.

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Thoughts of Joachim Krügel, agency management MEDIA 1, 12/12/2014

A while back I found a newspaper article titled ‘Its own solar system’, which introduces twelve qualities that shape a brand:

1.    The foundation of a brand is its grown identity.
2.    Distinguished is, who focuses on the core strengths.
3.    Strong brand develop and live their own ‘solar system’.
4.    Profile arise not where everybody walks, but on a narrow path
5.    Strong brands require continuous change management.
6.    Substance and aura complement each other perfectly.
7.    The substance of strong brands draws on the innovative capacity of one organization – its employees.
8.    Perception of the brand is the result of interwoven communication.
9.    Brand communication is bi-directional.
10.  Strong brands are led by a brand sensitive management.
11.  Partners of strong brands live integrated communication – even exceeding competitive boundaries.
12.  Especially during difficult times, strong brands have special opportunities.

What a timeless compilation. The 11th point struck me in particular. In the article it is partially exposed as: ‘Communication services still mainly structure using single instruments. This for example means, the classic advertising agency, the event agency… . Integrated solutions require a new type of collaboration across agency partners…’

A media agency that demands that silo thinking has no place in today’s world anymore must be able of working with the other agencies of a customer in cooperation.
This means, that the media agency must be able to know and understand the thinking and working of – for example – the creative agency. And, naturally, such media agency must first and foremost understand the brand and its positioning. Please ask yourself: Does my media agency understand my creative agency and vice versa? Do they communicate without me having to push them?

The newspaper article is from June 25th, 2003 from the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. Most media agencies have since then included instruments to completely exhaust efficiency. Unfortunately, they seemed to have forgotten to focus on the most crucial. Please don’t get me wrong, efficiency is a very important pillar in the work of a media agency. But before exhausting efficiency, a good media agency should develop effective plans that enables the brand to shine brightly for the consumer, to embody deep-rooted values and to invite the consumer to extensively deal with the brand. In the best case scenario the good work of the media agency makes the brand even more magnetic.

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Subs instead of small sandwiches: MEDIA 1 wins Subway as a new client
December 2nd, 2014

From now on MEDIA 1 focuses on fresh sandwiches. In a two-stage pitch, made up of a presentation and subsequent specific task assignment, the brand media agency left behind well-known competitors and convinced the international franchise business of its skill set.

The famous subs restaurant Subway is, measured by the number of restaurants, the worlds’ largest restaurant chain. The Subway brand has been established for a couple of years in Austria and so far counts 22 restaurants. Since the delicious subs are hugely popular, the number of restaurants in the country is rapidly growing. Subway has ambitious goals for the future and is looking to increase the number of locations over the next years by 50%. MEDIA 1 will now support this effort and further the positioning in Austria.

Gordon Faehnrich, Head of Marketing DACH Subway: “MEDIA 1 best understood our brand and our challenges in Austria and developed convincing approaches to also get Austrians excited about Subways.”

Joachim Kruegel, Agency Manager MEDIA 1: “We are thrilled about winning Subway, since the brand is particularly exciting and the challenges to make the brand more appealing to Austrians are particularly interesting.”


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Awards-ceremony November 12th, 2014

At the festive Effie 2014 ceremony held on Thursday evening, the most efficient advertising campaigns in Austria received awards. Media 1 was among the happy winners of that evening and could take home three gold awards:
-    Gold for mömax in the category ‘Trade’
-    Gold for VinziRast in the category ‘Social Issues’
-    Gold for Kotányi spice mills in the category ‘Consumer Goods Food & Beverages’


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New Business September 3rd, 2014

Schwedenbomben, a unique ‘traditional product in confectioners’ quality’, have been saved and will remain a fixed part of Austria’s confectionary culture. Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and Media 1 prevailed in the pitch presentation staged by Schwedenbomben owner Heidi Chocolates, and won against reputable agencies.

The presentation included an integrated strategy, as well as campaign planning – from brand positioning, creation to the implementation of optimized media. Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and Media 1 have worked on this project together from the beginning.
The new campaign for the brand profile of Schwedenbomben launches in fall.
Gerhard Schaller, CEO of Heidi Chocolat AG Niemetz Schwedenbomben Niederlassung Österreich: ‘We go above and beyond in the production and distribution to ensure the availability of the popular Schwedenbomben. In the future we want to support this Austrian traditional brand with advertising as well. This way Austria’s most popular chocolate foam kiss can provide great atmosphere via radio and TV.’

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HORIZONT Issue 27-29/2014, July 18th, 2014

Joachim Krügel and Verena Tauzimsky introduce the concept of brand magnetism to the media world.

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New Business July 2014

The global market leader for the automation of external and internal sun protection, shutters and gates has engaged Media 1 to plan their TV-campaigns in Austria.
Somfy is represented in 60 countries with 76 subsidiaries, including one in Salzburg since 1991.


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Press release June 26, 2014

Watching TV over the Internet continues its march forward. Each day, thousands of users take advantage of the wide selection of content – to watch international series, video clips and mobile clips on their smartphones, tablets or screens at home. The advertising industry takes advantage of this user behavior and focuses for quite some time on pre-rolls in order to get their message across. The demand is great, the offering however rather limited and therefore expensive. A further disadvantage is that many users find the short spot being played before their desired clip or video as annoying – compared to a non-linear motion picture.

To counteract this, Media 1 in collaboration with ProSiebenSat.1PULS4 and their ‘SevenOne VideoNetwork’ unlocked the slumbering potential of post-rolls as part of a campaign for the client Volksbank. Post-rolls were placed at the end of the video content and did therefor not have an adverse effect on the users’ entertainment-behavior. Another added plus of post-rolls is the higher affinity or advertising effect, as post-rolls are being used deliberately by the user (advertising on demand).

The numbers of the campaign for Volksbank speak for themselves. Linda Weissnar, Digital Media Planner Media 1: ‘The CTR (click-through-rate) with post-rolls is at 3.09 percent and is about two-thirds higher than the used pre-rolls with 0.9 percent. This results in a significantly lower cost-per-click. To speak in numbers, the figures were 0.92 Euro with post- and 4.70 Euro with pre-rolls.’

By combining pre- and post-rolls, one creates the opportunity to transport advertising messages more efficiently. For advertisers this results in versatile and innovative possibilities to communicate their messages efficiently and directed to their target group.

‘Working with Media 1 and the use of post-rolls as part of latest campaign has shown how important it is to be open for new advertising possibilities. The results have shown that there is still strong potential within and that we will further be using post-rolls as a form of advertising,’ Bettina Fatting, Director Competence Center online, Volksbank says convinced of post-rolls.

Dr. Michael Stix, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1PULS4 shares the exact same opinion: ‘We are thrilled that together with Volksbank and Media 1, we could prove that instream video advertising should not be defined by pre-rolls, but that post-rolls have enormous potential as well and should be used to design campaigns even more efficiently.’

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