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Thoughts of Joachim Krügel, agency management MEDIA 1, 12/12/2014

A while back I found a newspaper article titled ‘Its own solar system’, which introduces twelve qualities that shape a brand:

1.    The foundation of a brand is its grown identity.
2.    Distinguished is, who focuses on the core strengths.
3.    Strong brand develop and live their own ‘solar system’.
4.    Profile arise not where everybody walks, but on a narrow path
5.    Strong brands require continuous change management.
6.    Substance and aura complement each other perfectly.
7.    The substance of strong brands draws on the innovative capacity of one organization – its employees.
8.    Perception of the brand is the result of interwoven communication.
9.    Brand communication is bi-directional.
10.  Strong brands are led by a brand sensitive management.
11.  Partners of strong brands live integrated communication – even exceeding competitive boundaries.
12.  Especially during difficult times, strong brands have special opportunities.

What a timeless compilation. The 11th point struck me in particular. In the article it is partially exposed as: ‘Communication services still mainly structure using single instruments. This for example means, the classic advertising agency, the event agency… . Integrated solutions require a new type of collaboration across agency partners…’

A media agency that demands that silo thinking has no place in today’s world anymore must be able of working with the other agencies of a customer in cooperation.
This means, that the media agency must be able to know and understand the thinking and working of – for example – the creative agency. And, naturally, such media agency must first and foremost understand the brand and its positioning. Please ask yourself: Does my media agency understand my creative agency and vice versa? Do they communicate without me having to push them?

The newspaper article is from June 25th, 2003 from the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. Most media agencies have since then included instruments to completely exhaust efficiency. Unfortunately, they seemed to have forgotten to focus on the most crucial. Please don’t get me wrong, efficiency is a very important pillar in the work of a media agency. But before exhausting efficiency, a good media agency should develop effective plans that enables the brand to shine brightly for the consumer, to embody deep-rooted values and to invite the consumer to extensively deal with the brand. In the best case scenario the good work of the media agency makes the brand even more magnetic.

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