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Press release June 26, 2014

Watching TV over the Internet continues its march forward. Each day, thousands of users take advantage of the wide selection of content – to watch international series, video clips and mobile clips on their smartphones, tablets or screens at home. The advertising industry takes advantage of this user behavior and focuses for quite some time on pre-rolls in order to get their message across. The demand is great, the offering however rather limited and therefore expensive. A further disadvantage is that many users find the short spot being played before their desired clip or video as annoying – compared to a non-linear motion picture.

To counteract this, Media 1 in collaboration with ProSiebenSat.1PULS4 and their ‘SevenOne VideoNetwork’ unlocked the slumbering potential of post-rolls as part of a campaign for the client Volksbank. Post-rolls were placed at the end of the video content and did therefor not have an adverse effect on the users’ entertainment-behavior. Another added plus of post-rolls is the higher affinity or advertising effect, as post-rolls are being used deliberately by the user (advertising on demand).

The numbers of the campaign for Volksbank speak for themselves. Linda Weissnar, Digital Media Planner Media 1: ‘The CTR (click-through-rate) with post-rolls is at 3.09 percent and is about two-thirds higher than the used pre-rolls with 0.9 percent. This results in a significantly lower cost-per-click. To speak in numbers, the figures were 0.92 Euro with post- and 4.70 Euro with pre-rolls.’

By combining pre- and post-rolls, one creates the opportunity to transport advertising messages more efficiently. For advertisers this results in versatile and innovative possibilities to communicate their messages efficiently and directed to their target group.

‘Working with Media 1 and the use of post-rolls as part of latest campaign has shown how important it is to be open for new advertising possibilities. The results have shown that there is still strong potential within and that we will further be using post-rolls as a form of advertising,’ Bettina Fatting, Director Competence Center online, Volksbank says convinced of post-rolls.

Dr. Michael Stix, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1PULS4 shares the exact same opinion: ‘We are thrilled that together with Volksbank and Media 1, we could prove that instream video advertising should not be defined by pre-rolls, but that post-rolls have enormous potential as well and should be used to design campaigns even more efficiently.’

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