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It’s not just YOU&METRO, but starting now it’s also Media1&METRO, 03/25/2015

Joachim Krügel, Agency Management Media 1: ‘It doesn’t happen every day that the chemistry is this great from the get go. But that’s exactly what happened between ‘METRO Cash and Carry Austria’ and Media 1 and the further collaborations lead to great results as well.’

These results are something to be proud of: End of February the latest METRO campaign started throughout Austria. So, for the first time there is a broad communication for all 12 METRO markets throughout the country.

The campaign consists of motives of the image campaign ‘YOU&METRO’, which has already attained international popularity. Through complementary motives with special offers, sales in METRO wholesale markets are specifically boosted.

Media 1 in collaboration with METRO has developed an elaborate campaign architecture that highlights the brand essence of METRO perfectly. Furthermore the campaign enables a highly efficient targeting of its clientele with a well-defined catchment area around the respective METRO wholesale stores. Joachim Krügel is certain that this year’s campaign will result in a great upturn for METRO in Austria.

Mag. Maria Laubreiten, Department Manager and Dr. Jörg Biefeld, Divisional Director at METRO: ‘During our first meeting Media 1 managed to convince us with their ideas. The impression of professionalism, speed and brand awareness was completely confirmed throughout the rather demanding planning process. We are thrilled to bring the METRO brand closer to people throughout Austria with this campaign and hope that many Austrians will say in the future: ‘ME&METRO’


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