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The measurability of communication services is becoming increasingly important for companies, while provability remains difficult in numerous areas. In PR, one can merely depend on the ad rates of print media. It’s also rather common to measure the performance of communication primarily on the number of published clippings, rather than on the quality.

Media 1 did not want to settle for that. Therefor they created a state-of-the-art tool that allows allegorizing the output of print articles by their relevance. This new tool combines the basic principle of classical advertising value calculation with an extended qualitative-based analysis. The impetus came from a project for a client of the sister agency DEMNER, MERLICEK & BERGMANN, for which an extensive press event was implemented.

Joachim Krügel, Agency Management Media 1: ‘We wanted to show the client the published media reports from newspapers and magazines in regards to the incremental value for the brand Meinl, instead of focusing on the achieved advertising value as usual. Furthermore, it was important to us to develop a user-friendly, simple tool that can present an unambiguous and precise result.’

Created and developed by Media 1, “PRoofer” incorporates parameters such as target group affinity, image placement, product and brand mentioning in headline, text and captions, as well as the relevance of said article for the brand or the product. The calculated PR-value is also expedient in an overall consideration of all communication services of a brand.  

Mag. Christoph Auböck, Head of Strategic Research & Insights Media 1: ‘ The basis for calculating the PR-value consists of various studies on the topics impact of attention and advertising. The parameters in need of evaluation, as for example the target group affinity, were deposited with weighting factors and, simply put, identify together with the advertising rate a significant PR-value.’

An adequate tool for the representation of PR performance in online-media is already in the works.


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